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Jewel perfume, by Alfred Sung,” she whispered
I always have a tiny dab of Paradise Perfume by Alfred Sung on me
I wrapped a small vial of Paradise Cologne by Alfred Sung for him
HEI Cologne workman
HEI Cologne Avalible Products

Please tell me what you’re wearing?” HEI Cologne

I awoke to a loud crashing sound. Cautiously, I got up and pulled my robe on. Opening the door just a fraction of an inch, I called out to my sister, only to discover a note stuck to my bedroom door. “Painters are here.” It was an hour to twelve, still time for breakfast. I cleaned myself up and went downstairs, expecting to find a team of painters all over the place. Instead, all I saw was a single man in stained overalls in the kitchen.

”I’m so sorry. Did I wake you up? I dropped the latter by mistake. Your sister is out at the truck talking to Mike about another color" he said half looking at me. The painter/carpenter in a grey shirt and jeans turned after hearing me gasp. I merely shook my head, eyes still transfixed on the entire first floor covered with plastic or sheets.

“That’s okay,” I said with a half hearted smile. “Can I get to the coffee? And where are the rest of the painters?” Cheered up visibly, the painter replied, “Yes please. And the rest of the painters took a short break until they work out the new color ” I worked my way over to the counter with the coffee. As I passed him I noticed how well he was built. Very nice. He was not bad to look at either. Not overly handsome, but pleasant. All I could do though was get out of the kitchen --- the paint fumes were overwhelming.

I got my coffee and went onto the front porch to get some air. I saw the other painters at their truck in the driveway. My

sister was talking to two men at another truck parked on the curb.

Soon the painter from the kitchen was on the porch with me. His name was Chuck. In the bright sunlight I could clearly see. After a few moments of small talk I told him that the paint fumes have always bothered me more then most people. He smiled and said he could help me deal with it better. He went to the close painters truck and came back with a small bottle in his hand. He saw me looking at him and said, "This is a cologne I use"he put a little on the napkin I had and handed it to me. Take short but deep breaths of this. I took it and tentatively held it up to my nose. Earthy,fresh, clean not bad. "If you over helm your nose with one smell it blocks other smells out."

We continued talking as I held the napkin to my nose. After a while the scent was intoxicating. For a while I forgot about the half painted kitchen, everything. I closed my eyes and was transported to a forest where I can almost feel the dewy grass upon my toes and the pine-fresh air against my skin.

”What? Oh, nothing.” I said distractedly. He looked at me oddly but smiled all the same when I offered him another cup of coffee.

We then sipped our steaming black coffees, perched on pouch stools and made small talk while my sister was looking a new paint swatches at the truck. However, I was very distracted and he could tell so. I realized that I was drawn to him. This stranger with the dark eyes. His low, unpretentious voice.

Finally he turned to me and said, “You can take the napkin away, I am sure it has the effect you want by now.”

”What? Oh no that’s okay. I like it.”

”But something’s obviously on your mind.”

I took a deep breath. ”Okay, here’s the thing. This scent is driving me crazy. Please tell me what it is?”

”Only if you let me take you out to dinner.” He smiled. “HEI Cologne by Alfred Sung.”

My sister selected another paint color soon after. I left her to supervise the painters while I went out to do my own shopping. I have a date tonight.

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