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Jewel perfume, by Alfred Sung,” she whispered
I always have a tiny dab of Paradise Perfume by Alfred Sung on me
I wrapped a small vial of Paradise Cologne by Alfred Sung for him

I wrapped a small vial of Paradise Cologne by Alfred Sung for him

When I first met your father, I was working in a dreary travel agency. I remember that it was a sunny morning when he first stepped inside. One minute I was looking at a pile of uninteresting paperwork that needed my immediate attention, and the next I was staring up at a pair of the darkest eyes I have ever seen. This stranger sat down on the chair across my desk without uttering a single word. He was very still, never taking his eyes off me. I began to feel an unfamiliar flush creeping up my cheeks. Finally I cleared my throat and asked: “Excuse me, may I assist you?”

He blinked, as if awakening from a trance. I giggled inwardly at the funny sight and he told me that he would like to purchase a holiday package for one. Still amused, I got out several travel brochures from my drawer and showed him some of our featured packages. “We’ve got a special promotion going on for a Hawaii package, and this is our Package of the Month where we’ll fly you to Costa Rica for free if you’ll take up accommodation at… Sir?”

The stranger mumbled something incoherently. “Excuse me?” “I said, may I have these brochures, I’ll be back tomorrow?” I giggled. “Sure.”

”I’ll see you tomorrow, I promise.”

Still smiling, I said: “You do that.”

After the tall stranger left the agency, I told myself that he is one of the most interesting characters I have met all year. I wonder if I will see him again…

The next morning, at exactly at ten o’clock, the stranger appeared again, this time even more restless and anxious about… something. I greeted him with a big smile (I can’t help it; he looked so handsome in a clumsy sort of way).

”Why, hello again! Would you like to see more of our holiday packages?”

The stranger spluttered suddenly: “Would you… like to have dinner tonight?”

I almost burst out laughing. His face was redder than a fire engine! I decided to agree and see where this little encounter will take us. “Well, okay. I’ll see you at the Thai restaurant around the corner. Say, eight o’clock?” And before I could ask him his name, the stranger beamed happily and hurried away.

That night, our first date was spent having a scrumptious dinner and talking about our likes and dislikes when it comes to travel destinations. I learnt that his name was Michael, and that he was a writer who has not had a holiday in three years! As I learn more about this fascinating person, I found myself being drawn to him.

Before the night was over, he confessed that he was attracted to me at first sight, and scent! He hesitantly asked me the name of my perfume and I told him that it was Paradise.

On our second date, I wrapped a small vial of Paradise Cologne by Alfred Sung. He wore a delighted expression on his visage, and your father has worn it ever since!

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