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Alfred Sung Jewel loverJewel perfume, by Alfred Sung,” she whispered.

It was a gloomy Monday morning. The sun could hardly be seen as I took the short walk from my apartment to the bus stop nearby. I was reluctant to leave the comfort of my bed for work. The whole world seemed like the dullest place to be as I trudged heavily to join the crowd already waiting at the bus stop, wearing clothes as staid and gray as the dark clouds looming ominously overhead.

Suddenly from out of the corner of my eye, I caught sight of the most beautiful girl that I have ever set eyes on. It was not easy to ignore her, because she stood out most vibrantly amongst a sea of colorless people. Perhaps it was her lush, black hair cascading down to her womanly hips. Or perhaps it was her large expressive eyes that seemed to penetrate deep into your soul. And maybe, just maybe, it was the stunningly rich scent emanating from her very being as she walked past me. She was a feminine jewel

I did not know what came over me when my feet acted on instinct and I began to follow her on foot to a small café where she apparently worked as a waitress. As if in a trance, I whipped out my cell phone and called in sick. Nothing was about to come between me and the mysteriously sweet scented girl I have my eyes locked upon!

She approached me with a sunny smile. I ordered a latte and every type of cupcake available on the menu, all 18 of them. I have a great love for sweet desserts and these cupcakes looked every bit as sexy as she did. The thought of swallowing the sugary morsels made me get a flush of sexual heat. 

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A while later while nursing my second latte, the beautiful waitress I met on the street stopped by, hands on her hip. “I know you have been following me. So what gives? Are you trying to steal the secret of our wonderful cupcakes?” She continued teasing me mercilessly. “Well I um… I didn’t mean to intrude upon you…” I stammered. She laughed. “Don’t worry, I won’t have the police haul you in as a stalker! And how do you like the cup cakes? I bake them each night!” Finally working up my courage, I said: “What cupcakes? All I smell is you.”

She giggled softly. Her voice is a tinkling silver bell buoyed by the gentle autumn breeze. I became even more intoxicated with her presence. I spoke up again. “Actually, I thought you smelled really good. Forgive me for asking, what perfume are you wearing?” She smiled mysteriously and left. Minutes later she returned with a plate. On it were five plain cupcakes with sugar alphabets on them. Together, they spelled “J-E-W-E-L”.

”Jewel perfume, by Alfred Sung,” she whispered.

That evening after closing hours was spent baking hundreds of miniscule cupcakes. I ate none of the delicate morsels she baked but drank in her scent luxuriously until midnight. That was when I bid her goodbye and went home, giddy with love.


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